FixR Designer

Team YOAT made the world’s premier
‘Auto Wire Bending Machine’

The machine makes the wire bend automatically, easily, and actually in real time.
After Orthodontic treatment, the patients must have a retainer.

American Association of Orthodontists, known as AAO, recommends both types of treatments:
fixed retainer &wraparound retainer.

Usually, it takes 1 week to receive a retainer,
but we can make it instantly & economically & accurately. Maximum 6 min. & Maximum 2 dollars.
This is FixR Program.

FixR Fixed retainer Program
■ Fixed retainer Auto Designing Program : under 1min.
■ only 6 clicks + 1 time mouse scroll


Designing program - FixR


FixR Program

FixR Program is for all the orthodontists& staff.
Even the orthodontists who are not familiar with the technology and this program can easily use FixR
They can listen to 5 minutes of explanation and be able to operate the full functions of this program. Patients need this type of program so they can instantly obtain their retainer without damaging their previous treatments.